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Article written by: Lawrence1988
Step 1: Uploading Product Images

Click on the black panel to choose file or simply drag your image files into the black panel for uploading products. Your products will be uploaded and you will see successfully uploaded images reflected at the bottom of the panel

Step 2: Selecting Categories

Everything Under only allows for a single category selection. Select the category most suited for your item. If your item belongs to an adult category(not for minors and only for ages > 21), make sure you check on the adult item checkbox below. Your item will be uploaded to the appropriate page together with other items of the similar category.

Step 3: Entering Product Details

Next is to enter item details of the item. Adding valuable information will allow customers to know more about your items and increase the possibility of making a sale. Avoid keyword spamming and long titles. URL will be auto filled when you click on box based on your item title. Feel free to edit as per required

Step 4: Set Pricing

Set Pricings for your items. Give a low wholesale price so your customers will be more tempted to purchase more from you.

Step 5: Keywords

Successful keywords will allow customers to find your products more easily. Try to go general on keywords. If you are selling a earpiece, try to use smart keywords such as "Electronics, portable, music, handsfree, handphone"