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How to convince her to use Sex Toys? | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
Unlike the majority of women that you see in porn videos, who seemingly enjoy squirting to vibrators up their pussies, 50% of the women you meet on the streets would still be pretty new to this idea. Don't be surprised if the girls that you meet on the streets don't even know what a vibrator is.

Of course, I'm not saying that all girls are stone-age rarities that have yet to find the pleasure of having themselves peaking orgasm with a sex toy. But if you are the minority of men who recently found out that your women happens to be that handful of individuals who are having a tough time adapting to your voraciously heavy sexual appetite, here are probably some of the ways to open her up.

  • 1) Indicate but never force.
    Find ways to let her know your sexual desires but never force. Respect is one of the best ways to get her to cave in. Naturally, she would want to be able to please you. If she finds that you have a weak spot for using sex toys, she probably would be open to trying it.
  • 2) Expose her to adult videos.
    Not the PORN videos that you normally watch! But probably the ones that are closer to reality. R(A) rated films are nice but try to keep it light. Also, try to find the ones with a little storyline so she gets distracted and not porn all the way. This will instill a slight sense of normalcy that sex do involves the usage of toys for that extra sense of pleasuring.
  • 3) Always start out small..
    Never pull out a 8" large penis dildo and say i'm going to screw you with this today. This will probably scare the lights out of her if its her first time. Go for the less intrusive ones like a small egg vibrator and slowly build it up to a dildo or more once she start enjoying having foreign objects up her body.
  • 4) Tease her.
    If she ever lets you use one on her. Never go straight for her vagina. Always tease her first, just like how you caress her body before ever moving your fingers into her vagina. Let her feel easy and slowly adapt to the feel of the sex toy. Once she is okay, then move in on the more sensitive and private spots.
  • 5) Never too much on the toy.
    Women are emotional creatures. The fact that they are in bed with you means they want you. They want your love, your care, your body and everything about you. The last thing they will probably ever want is you pleasuring them with a sex toy. The only reason they would want to use a sex toy is probably to satisfy your sexual desires. If they ever wanted, they could simply use that on their own. They are probably better themselves than you are.

Make the sex toy a part of spicing up your in-bed sessions but never make it the focus. Don't replace sex toys with conventional pleasuring techniques like fingering or penetrations. Learn to respect and appreciate your women's body and she will reciprocate the favor.