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Types of fake ads on Personals sites online | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
Majority of guys visit the personals section of Craigslist and Locanto in search for hookups and in hopes of free sex. Just seemed like its the preferred way for getting free sex. But among those lies the dangers of anonymity. Thinking about going for it? Think again.

If you are the majority of the ones that ever tried responded to any of the ads in the personals section of Craigslist or Locanto, you would probably already know that most of them are fake and you will most probably never get a respond.

The ones that do probably cost more than the ones at Geylang simply because it takes more work and effort and all that postings in order to reach you.. And you didn't really think they post it themselves eh? Their agents probably got it done for them.

The following are the types of ads you will find on the personals section of Craigslist and Locanto:
  • 1) The innocent (Real) - Density: 0% of Ads.
    Looking for friendships? Partners, friends? Feeling Horny and looking for fuck buddies? Those are just ways to make you think so. All of them belong to point number 2 or 3. Just think about this, imagine that a girl posted and somebody responded. Why would any girl in the right mind, apart from prostitutes, ever want to meet? Are you even aware how dangerous that can be for the girl. How to identify: N/A.
  • 2) The Prostitutes (Real) - Density: 10% of Ads.
    Majority posted by pimps and are real ads. Minority posted by themselves. Pay to fuck. No feelings involved. Fuck and go. Payment before hand. How to identify: Direct Contact. Handphone numbers. Those without are probably fakes. Some will have pictures and specifications. The more professional ones would have testimonials of ex-customers as well.
  • 3) The Email/Mobile Haulers (Fake) - Density: 30% of Ads.
    These are the ones that haul your personal details. They collect your details and resell them. Can be in the form of email or mobile numbers. Then they don't reply you. The more legit ones will sell your contact to advertising companies, the less legit ones will sell them to scammers for email/phone scams and more. How to identify: Most will tell you to contact them directly. Most of the time, there will be a note that tells you *Strictly no private messaging*
  • 4) The site (Fake) - Density: 30% of Ads.
    These are the ones that refer you to adult sites or other sites that make money when you visit or sign up to their membership. Mostly posted by affiliate that earn money when they successfully refer you to sign up or make payment for a package. How to identify: Easy. There is always a shorten link at the bottom of the ad. Majority have pictures of blondes because the posters are mostly from western countries.
  • 5) The owners (Fake) - Density: 30% of Ads
    Well, some manipulation needs to occur when there ain't enough ads. Just in the case of a marketplace, if you can't find any merchants to sell with you, you just have to start selling first. So, the owners need to first get the market started up first. Bring in the market then get the ad posters. Hence, simple manipulation such as self postings is required to get the ads postings flowing on site. How to identify: These are the ones without contact information. No mobile numbers, no emails. The only way, you can get to "them" is through the page own contact form.
  • 6) The nothing to do (Fake) - Density: 5% of Ads
    The fact that its a free site and anybody can post just makes this site ever the more unreliable. People who have nothing to do can just simply rip some photos off the internet and post it. And you probably would have thought that its real. Some people just want to test out stupid things on the internet and see if they get any response. They probably would. But the guys that responded, no more than just test subjects.

The truth is, there is probably a higher chance getting a hook up if you approach a women on the street or at your work place and give her a warm nice chat indicating your interest in her. There is probably a higher risk of scams if you trade online. If its just for relieve, why not go for something easier? Craigslist and Personal Ads are merely more than porn sites that you visit to help you relieve your temporaral sexual gratification, whether to take it seriously or not, its your choice. Just be extraordinarily careful because you never know what can happen.