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Article written by: Lawrence1988
So she finally invited you to her place for a sleepover, agrees to having sex with you after a long time or perhaps you just know that tonight you are going to have some incredible time on bed with someone special. But how do you prepare yourself for this special occasion to make it a real memorable and enjoyable one for both yourself and your loved one?

Following are some simple tips that can help prepare you for sex, making the session all the more pleasurable and memorable for the both of you.
  • Step 1: Bananas are your best friend.
    Apart from going thru the hassle of getting supplements like Tongkat Ali or pills or even wondering where to get one, fruits such as bananas can be a great way to get the blood pumping and boost anabolic levels. Its kind of like taking bananas just before a run. Helps to keep the heart pumping faster so you can go further, run faster. If she likes doing "blowjobs", taking some fruits can also help in her
  • Step 2: Cock Rings.
    Simple accessories such as cock rings can help to intensify pleasures during sex. Cock rings offer a great way to keep blood flowing into the penis and not out. They helps to keep blood flow in the penis for longer periods of time to extend periods of erection for the men.
  • Step 3: Exercising.
    If you've been a couch potato for the week, time to get some work out today. By undergoing some jogging or strength training, your body natural scent of attraction doubles. Doing exercises also helps to create the physical stress level that makes your body feel more urge to relieve those tensions whenever possible.
  • Step 4: No Fap.
    Keep your little worms inside you for the day. If you have been doing the deed throughout the week, keep it low for the day so you save up the best for the session you have been waiting for tonight. Following through daily regiments also decreases your testorone levels for sex.
  • Step 5: A man prepared for success is a man to succeed.
    Dildos, condoms, cock rings. Get them on standby by the bedside. You don't want to be walking away when everything starts getting hot. Like the old saying goes, A well prepared individual is the person bound for success.
  • Step 6: The tease.
    Dirty talk, smacking of butt and little actions such as cheap pecks on the cheeks can just be the much desired prelude for naughty times to come.
  • Step 7: The housework and the kids.
    If you belong to the group who are already married, women tend to get frustrated when they return home and see that the home is a complete mess. Kids running around the home with ice-cream on the mouths, plates and clothes unwashed, dirty bed are just some of the things that can completely destroy her mood for sex.

    She probably want you to be her man for the day. Try to keep the place clean and neat. Keeping the house clean just makes her feel relax knowing she has got nothing more to do and everything has been done up for her. It also allows her to go to bed early which give you both more time to have fun in the bedroom.

Following this 7 golden rules can make sure you have a pleasurable night with her. Do remember, its always the little things in life that we neglect that keeps the pleasures of life away from us. Small efforts such as these can heighten moods and increase hormonal pleasures between couples and keep the intimacy between couples during sex.