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Guide to connect Microphone to iPhone | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
We received recent requests from customers asking how they can connect their analog microphone to their iPhones and Samsung. Also, whether if it is possible to do it.

Fortunately, the answer is "YES"! Also, its fairly easy and simple to do without much hassle. Just need to know how to get it done.

Here is what you would need: - A recording app (Can be the default iPhone recording app Voice Memo, Smule or anything that requires audio inputs) - A 3.5mm Jack analog Microphone - An iPhone Samsung audio Input Output Splitter

In order to connect your analog microphone to your iPhone or Samsung, you will need to get a Dual Port Audio Splitter. Unlike the Dual Port Audio Joint connector, this splitter will enable your microphone to connect with your iPhone or Samsung single earphone port and separate the input and output from the single port connection.

After connecting your audio splitter and microphone to the microphone port of the splitter wire, your microphone should be detected.

Then here is what you need to do to get your microphone initiated:
1) open a recording app in the backend(can be the default voice memo, smule app or any app that offers you to record your voice). For easy guidance, we will be using the default voice memo app that most users have on their iPhone.
2) Start the recording function. or simply start recording.
3) Flip the fast control panel up from your phone and click on the airplay, you should see a headphones options which you can click on. Select that and your iPhone should be set to read inputs from your microphones.

Unlike connecting a earpiece to your phones, most phones would require you to switch from the phone built-in-microphone to your plugged in microphone. Some microphone recording apps even require an earphone to be plugged in before the options for headphones connection will be on.

If your microphone is set, here are the direct indicators that you can look out for.

1) The recording indicator should turn red. (but not always, depends on your settings). Use the below for more accurate indications.
2) the recorded sound will be less of background noises unlike the built in microphone.
3) the recorded voice will have bass effect.
4) speaking close to the phone doesn't have any effect.
5) speaking close to your microphone will show jumps in the tone indicator.

Now you can start playing your microphone with your iPhone and have start having fun recording on your phone today.