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Why you should always use a fleshlight to masturbate? | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
For those who isn't aware what a fleshlight is, a fleshlight is a sex toy for men. It is a silicon like structure used for men to relieve sexual urges whenever their other half is not available for sex. The silicon like structure simulates a real life vagina so that men can readily enjoy sex even when their partner is not available.

Though masturbation can be done in basically any form and different people have different masturbation techniques, some masturbation practices can do irreversible damage to the penis that most people are unaware about. Since a fleshlight offers the closest substitute to a vagina, it is always advisable to use one whenever your needs to masturbate arise.

Here are some problems that can arise when you don't use a fleshlight to masturbate.

1) Chronic de-sensitisation due to over stimulation.
Our mind and body are easily adaptable body parts. Constantly using a wrong masturbation technique can force the body to only enjoy sex in that particular manner. Some of these techniques involve pushing the penis against a hard surface like a bed or wall, or using too hard a grip on their penis when they are using their hands. Techniques such as this, leading to orgasm can send feel good signals to your brain building an adaptability for your body to only recognize sex to orgasm in that manner.

2) Fractures to the Penis and Peyronie's Disease.
Problems such as the Peyronie's Disease can also arise from doing something repetitively over the years. Penis fracture is also possible if you happen to get overly excited while doing the deed.

Fleshlights allows your penis to go through a very rigidly smooth structure straight and simulating a real vagina and a real women on top of you. It doesn't matter which tiltation position the fleshlight is in. What matters most important is the thrusting is straight and your penis is going through a very structured thrusting motion.

Furthermore, whenever you peak orgasm while using a fleshlight, your mind will recognize this intense feeling as a result of penetrating a something that is just like a vagina and not because you hit it against something hard or using an overly excessive grip. This is important because this feel good signals build up habits faster than anything that your mind normally adapts to. Orgasm to a fleshlight will keep your techniques right and habits straight.

A fleshlight is something all men should own for all their masturabation needs. It doesn't matter what make or matter it is. The most important thing is to keep it simulated as closely to sex as possible so that you do not take your masturbation sessions to levels where its no longer a substitute for sex but a whole new level of pleasure.