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Why women are more prone to buying sex toys? | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
Alot of people have the common misconception that men are the majority ones getting sex toys. In fact, it just so happen that its the direct opposite. Women are more prone to buying sex toys because women are generally more touch sensitive beings as compared to their opposite counterparts. Men are generally more visual creatures. That is why they often love having sex while the lights are on while women prefer having sex in the dark because women just happen to feel it that much more.

Though both genders can get excited during sex and when getting touched, its often the women who feels it more than the men. This is also the reason why majority of men love watching porn because it provides them novelty in their area of arousal.

While men get arousal from seeing pretty women and sexy provocative images online, women love testing the boundaries of their arousal via touch. Hence, the reason why they are more highly likely to get the toys.

For the men who probably got a sex toy from a friend, that is nothing more than a tool to get them off. However, for the women, receiving a sex toy can become a long term companion and friend because that is the thing that they look forward to having a nice time with.

Sex toys such as dildos and vibrators give the user the touch experience which is more highly appealing to the ladies rather than what flashlights offer to men. Apart from the rimming, it will probably give less pleasure to the men unless they do it with a combination of on-screen visual effects to stimulate the mind.

For the women, the simple thought of having to feel something inside is all it will ever take to get them excited.