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ReGain Sensitivity to your penis | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
Do you find it hard to peak orgasm while having sex with your partner? Find it frustrating when she's finally willing to go down for that blowjob that you almost had to act out as if you are enjoying it? If you've masturbated vigorously over the years since your teenage life and finally realize that your penis have probably suffered a severe beating over the years, the good news is, it probably isn't as bad as you think it is.

What happens is that, over the years of masturbation, your body has learnt to take things to the next level. Daily masturbation makes your penis require more to peak orgasm. Not just visually but perhaps also, the feel on it. After years of masturbation, your penis have probably been desensitized in many different ways and is used to only having that specific grip and stroking before it can reach orgasm. This is what is known as the masturbation death-grip syndrome.

Though we talk about de-senstization, your penis is not spoilt. Its not damaged in anyway. Its probably still working fine. Its just hard to get that spine tingling sensation to the brain that makes your penis spew out whatever its required to spew. Your brain is simply not recognizing the new action your partner is giving you to supposedly be able to make you peak orgasm. Your penis is not trained to recognize that new action. Your penis only recognizes the hand, pressure, the stroking and everything else that you have done previously to get you off.

This is where a fleshlight comes in. Getting a fleshlight will retrain your penis to recognize a vagina in every way possible. Because you are basically doing it with something replicated close to a vagina, its the best way to get your brain re-tuned to orgasm with a vagina. Let your brain forget the hand, pressure and superb fast stroking and replace it with a similar slow, soft and warm comfy replacement offered by a vagina.

Start training with a fleshlight today and see how you can regain sensitivity to your penis and be that happy and responsible partner once again, enjoying sex like never before.