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Using a fleshlight for the first time | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
If its the first time you are inserting your penis into something foreign, its probably going to be quite a frightening feeling. You probably gotten your fleshlight seated right infront of you but you are hesitating. You might be wondering how its going to feel. Is it going to hurt? Painful? Will there be any problems after that? How do i start using it?

A fleshlight is pretty easy to use and there is nothing frightening to use. The only thing that can happen will be that your parent or siblings happen to come home and there you are jerking off to a cylinder sized container.

Here are 5 simple steps to use a fleshlight for the first time:

1) Open the cap and take the skin coloured silicon sleeve out from the container.
2) Wash it under clean running water and dip the entire silicon sleeve in warm water (Preferably in a bowl) to simulate real life vagina.
3) Once done, place it back to the container and squeeze a little lubricant on the opening of the vagina.
4) Turn on any additional stimulation or music to relax.
5) Slowly insert the penis into the fleshlight. DO NOT thrust in all the way, take it slow on your penis. Go bit by bit pulling it out a little as you move in a little more at your own pace.

If you are not used to penetrating anything with your penis, you probably need more time. Be easy on yourself, take your time and don't hurry the process. A relaxed mood will heighten the sensation. Take it slow and you will get it off.

Once done, wash the fleshlight thoroughly putting it under running water and let it air-dry. You should not use soap as it eats away the silicon material. Leave it to dry and keep it back into the container for future usage. Spray a little alcoholic cleaner to rid the fleshlight from germs and keep it free from bacteria. Applying powder will keep the fleshlight a long lasting companion of yours.

Once done, store in a cool dry location for your next usage and always wash with clean water before using.