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Why should couples try Anal Sex? | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
According to wikipedia, anal sex is the insertion and thrusting of the penis into another person's anus or rectum. Most men are generally open to the idea. No men will ever say no to a women who's readily willing to have anal sex. However, most women, might think of this to be a complete turn off to another night of pleasure.

The general misconception is that anal sex should only be limited to the male homosexuality, or whom we commonly call gays, due to their limitations in normal sex for penetration into the vagina. However, the main reason most refusal for anal sex in women is still the fear of pain.

That being said, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for the couple when done correctly. Never forget to always to always get enough lube and prepare the necessary tools required for the session. Being adequately equipped will ensure you already conquer the starting half of the session.

The reasons why couples should definitely try anal sex is as follows:

  • 1) Turning on that inner wild side of her.
    Most women try the things they never thought they would ever do, such as pre-maritial sex, blowjobs, bondage, public sex etc, simply because their men love it and they didn't want to disappoint.

    That being said though, there is always this alluring and wild thought of being that naughty little bad girl in the bed room. If she was in the mood and any good at role playing, she would want to play your little bad bitch in the bedroom because love sessions can be so much more fun having to be slightly mischievous than to follow the traditional rules of sexual play. Anal sex is a definite way to push those boundaries.

    Most men will also enjoy their women to excel not just on the streets but also being that wild beast in the bedroom. When you are willing to take that extra mile to go beyond the conventional, your man will definitely be the happiest man on earth knowing he's not only got that gorgeous, lovely wife on the street but also that sexy, wild vixen in the bedroom. Take your love life further. Always score for a double win. Your men will treasure you that much more.
  • 2) The unknown.
    Like the old saying goes, curiosity is mankind's greatest flaw and attribute. Traversing the unknown and not knowing what is going to happen next can keep intensity and pleasure levels for the couple high in the bedroom. The simple thought of having something up that forbidden back door can also significantly increase heart rate and blood flow to the much needed areas for that final release to end the session.
  • 3) Gift of Trust.
    Handing your men the permission to dominate such a delicate and private area of your body can be over-powering. Your men will feel great responsibility to take care of the needs and to ensure you feel less pain rather than pleasure. When you hand him your A-card and say that most coveted "YES" to his desires, it just adds that tinge of trust to your men in knowing that he will be able to handle the task well. This builds much needed trust in your relationship and just brings you that much closer to your loved ones.
  • 4) Orgasms from variations.
    Realize how hard it is to make a women reach a real orgasm. If she doesn't quiver, shakes and sweat like she does.. sometimes, it just means, she haven't had that big O and she's probably waiting for more. Understand that most orgasms are built up in that initial foreplay stages rather than the final penetration. Getting her high and up is one way for a more explosive release at the end. Trying for something different from the occasional regiments of sex can spice up love sessions that much more. The simple thought of trying out anal sex can be that intense foreplay notice that makes her wag her tail like a little puppy waiting for her favorite dessert.
  • 5) Anal sex is pleasurable.
    Anal sex allows the shaft to hit the G-Spot from different angles providing stimulating sensations not attainable via normal vaginal penetration. Simply put, when you try anal stimulation, you reach sensitive areas not reachable via normal vaginal penetration. The shaft is also able to receive more stimulation because the backdoor is much tighter and every single penetration will touch more parts of the inner wall

Anal sex is pleasurable but its still down to the individual preference. Never force your other half as that can dampen the overall excitement of what's about to come next. Always seek to respect your other half decision and go ahead only if she's comfortable with what you are proposing. Enjoy!