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How to prepare for her first anal sex? | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
Having anal sex for the first time can be a pretty intimidating process for most women. Men probably not that much. Having anal sex with your loved ones can significantly heighten the level of stimulation in the bedroom to the next level and enhance the intimacy within any relationship. That being said, having anal sex for a women can be a major step to take in any relationship. Furthermore, you naturally wouldn't want to spoil that trust she's given you on that delicate area just so that she say "NO" to anal sex in the future and probably for the rest of the time you will ever be with her.

So how do you go about handling that little sensitive private of your women's body?
  • 1) Be mentally and physically prepared.
    Make sure both of you read up on lots of resources on having anal sex. For the men, look for resources to understand the different parts of the anus and lots more on how not to hurt her in the process. For the women, be mentally prepared by reading other people's experience on anal sex and keeping a positive mindset on how it will feel.
  • 2) Communication is the key.
    Always respect and communicate with her. Never ever think you know what she's thinking. Constantly whisper into her ears and ask her questions such as "Are you ready?", "Can i proceed?", "how are you feeling", "is it painful?". Simple questions like this make her feel at ease knowing that you are still taking her comfort and safety as your top priority rather than keep going at it as though she's just another sex object for your pleasure.
  • 3) Anal related toys and lube.
    A women’s anus does not produce its on natural lubrication, so its best to have lots of lubrication on standby to ensure that there will not be any discomfort caused by friction. Items such as butt plugs and anal dildo can also help in slowly opening up her little anal hole. Shoving your shaft straight in without slowly practicing with the smaller tools can instantly rupture the nerve endings and cause discomfort or pain.
  • 4) Relaxed environment.
    Don't choose a place where you risk getting caught by her or your parents. Its best to find some place private and discreet, away from the dangers of the real world. Try to get a hotel or something. Keep her relaxed and completely worry-free. Offer a free massage or take a bath together. A relaxed environment is the key to having a pleasuring anal sex.
  • 5) Foreplay
    Lots of foreplay is required before going into the anal. Never thrust your shaft up as if dealing with her vagina, that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Anal sex needs to be slow and sensual unless she's asking for it. Keep her distracted from the final conquest. Make sure she is fully aroused and is fully indulging in her sexual pleasures before even getting close to her anus.

  • Preparing for anal sex can be harder than most sexual activities because lots of effort is required in the initial stage to relaxing the body and opening that little hole takes more foreplay than ever. Pleasuring anal sex can be fulfilled if all the right dots are matched. Always strive to keep the other party interest at heart and you will never be doing the wrong things. That will also be the key to yet another pleasuring anal session the next time round. Enjoy!