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How are fleshlights beneficial in a relationship? | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
According to Wiki, the Fleshlight is a brand of male masturbator. However, most people these days simply associate any male masturbator to a fleshlight. Seems like it has become so popular that people have started coining it as the norm for a male masturbation cup. Anything that have a silicon sleeve inside a cup for the purpose of the insertion of the penis is a flashlight.

To most people, fleshlight might seem like a big hoo haa simply because they have yet to be exposed to it, some might shy away and some might think its absolutely redundant for the fact you can easily find girls on the streets to have sex with. To majority of the elites, it just seem like only losers and loners uses fleshlights because they arenít able to get the real girls to have sex with.

However, apart from the usual health benefits, keeping a private companion to take on your occasional needs might be beneficial and can even enhance your relationship to a certain extend.

The following are some of the benefits of having a fleshlight in a relationship:

  • 1) Keeping the male animalistic nature at bay
    Urges are just so a natural part of life for the male. Relieving it will make you less desperate for sex. It helps keep the male animalistic nature at bay so that a couple can focus more on the beautiful beautiful side of a relationship
  • 2) Making sex more intimate and pleasurable.
    Having sex frequently can normalize the spice in sex. Our mind gets adapted to patterns. When you have sex frequently with your loved ones, the spice and pleasure levels arising from sex can slowly get diluted.
  • 3) Proper training the shaft.
    Most men donít realize how delicate their penis can be. They also donít understand how adaptive the mind can be every time orgasm is achieved with something apart from the structure of a vagina. Strong grips, fast stroking with something that doesnít simulate a real life vagina can make your penis desensitized to a normal vagina.
  • 4) Variations are always good.
    Apart from frequently having the same sex with the same girl, fleshlight helps keep the variations open while having a male not straying from a relationship. This helps to keep having sex with your loved ones always fresh in the mind. Keeping stronger relationships and better sex always.
  • 5) Keeping that youth.
    Your mood really swings when she doesnít have time for it. This can make you look old and haggard very quickly. The men who are constantly healthy in the mind is reflected on their faces. Keep your mind happy even with your partnerís absence and keep that youth with you forever.

A flashlight can be very useful when it comes to enhancing relationships. Think you are overdoing on the sexual side of a relationship? Time to re-consider if its deteriorating the intimacy and spice value of every session. While you are still pondering over it, why not check out our collection of male masturbators for sale. If there is any form of alternative to frequent sex without straying from a relationship and being unfaithful, its a fleshlight.