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How to initiate sex? | Everything Under Singapore

Article written by: Lawrence1988
Are most of the nights in the bedroom starting to get bored as you and your partner doze off into the night without even going intimate with each other? I know i know you're probably guessing she's not in the mood for it and she's probably also guessing that you are just too tired after a whole day of work.

It just seem so un-glam and uncool to ask your other half if he or she wants sex. She probably wouldn't tell you the real reason though, since she might be shy or the question just seems to shut her off immediately. But if you never ask, you will never know if she's really hesitating for sex or simply not in the mood. Maybe you guys are just procrastinating? Why let that uncertainty rip you of another good intimate night with your loved ones?

Well, the good news is, there is no need to wait for that sudden matching of good moods to occur before you have sex. The atmosphere for intimacy can be created and you can have sex regardless of you or your partner's mood.

Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to initiate and physically let your other half know that you are craving for some good time tonight:
  • Step 1: The distraction - Never let the Patriarch goes to sleep
    Once she enters into dream mode and falls asleep, she's most probably not waking up till dawn. The night is almost gone if you let them fall into a good night rest. Keep your other party distracted so they can't fall asleep. A good way is to gently caress her or whisper into the ears. Caressing is much more efficient as most people get distracted by the gentlest touch on their skin.
  • Step 2: The notification - Kiss her.
    Once she start flipping around can't seem to get to sleep, start with the gentlest of kiss you can on her lips. Use your lips to gently slide across her lips to indicate this is not a kiss for a good night but rather a kiss for more exciting things to come.
  • Step 3: The reciprocation - The kiss back.
    If she turns away or wipes the kiss from the lips, its most likely she's seriously not in the mood. I'd recommend to not proceed or risk getting a kick in the butt else she's alright. Most of the time, she will reciprocate with her lips and you know its okay that you can move in further.
  • Step 4: The mess up - slight touching and massage.
    Play around with her. Go naughty, massage her and raise the intensity. By now, she's probably awaken and is reciprocating on your every action. Play around with her hair, arms, shoulder and face. Don't move in on the sensitive spots first. Make her anticipate and wait for your move in. Make her wait and wait. Oh yes, they just love to wait, the longer the wait, the heavier her breathing.
  • Step 5: Game on - intense caressing and kissing.
    Go in on the tier 2 sensitive spot. Caress and kiss her thighs, tummy, neck and back of the ear. Spare the vagina and tit area first. Slowly move around with the kisses and licks. Raising the intensity is the key. By now, she's probably all over you and all the heavy panting and moans will come.

Congrats, by now, she's probably so turned on and aroused that she wouldn't be able to resist sex. She's probably anticipating for that final grand finale to end all of this so she can go to sleep. Don't let that worry you, you earned it, now enjoy.