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Article written by: Lawrence1988
Is getting her to reach that big O starting to get difficult? Is sex starting to become just another regimental thing for your lady to satisfy your lustful desire? Well, sex isn't just about the physical interaction between 2 person. Better Sex needs to come from within, emotionally and physical. Its the perfect mixture of the 2 that sparks off a cycle of ravaging sex hormones that can lead to a wonderful time between couples.

Having great sex takes patience and knowledge. Most people can't seem to understand why some couples remain closer than others while some starts to drift away once the feeling of freshness fades. Well, the only thing within a relationship that is almost very hard to replicate with another is sex.

Going traveling, shopping, keeping fit together can be memorable times but having great sex is so naughtily irresistible that your brain can simply put you into another undesired orgasm just by recalling the session. You want to make it unforgettable every session for her so that she will never want to leave you again for anything or other guys.

The following sex tips will teach you how to get her so turned on that she will turn your very next session into that wild ride you have always been craving for:
  • Step 1: Make her comfy, Turn up the heat
    Let her take a bath ALONE, then do something together. Solely together, no kids, no mess. Make sure the kids are asleep. You two can be simply chatting, watching a movie on youtube, massaging, coloring a color book together etc. No vigorous exercises. You do not want her to sweat all over again after her bath. Ask her what she prefers doing. This has to be something you do together.

    Do NOT stare at the computer or your mobile phone, or simply ignore her. NO hardcore guitar jamming or noisy games. Never ignore her. She probably would fumble with her phone if you do not start doing something with her.

    Make sure she is completely relaxed. It doesn't matter if its overly quiet, having that moment of peace together can be excitingly erotic.
  • Step 2: The arousal.
    After about an hour or so, she should be completely relaxed. Now, you she will most probably tell you she's tired or that she wants to go to bed. Read the guide to initiating sex to start her up in bed. Keep her distracted in bed so she will not be able to fall asleep.

    This is also the best time to test out her sensitive spots. Every time, there is a jerk or reaction on her body, you know you've touched the right spot. Be a little naughty, if she retracts, pull it back to spot and caress it again. Do not overdo it, once or twice will be enough. Move on to other spots after a couple of retracts on the same spot.
  • Step 3: The Build up. Gentle kisses and licks.
    Once she starts reciprocating with kisses and to, you will want to take her to a place whee return is almost impossible. Gentle kisses and licks work best. If she's afraid of the itch, that's just so much an added bonus for you. Focus on her mouth while you slowly move in on the sensitive spots.

    Start off with the neck area and ears. Whenever, she raises her head up, there is this small lump of muscle that will stick out from the side, use your tongue to lick it, in an upward and downward motion, this will make her wild. Variations work best. Go hard and light and vary between light smooches, kisses and licks.

    From there, work your way up (best via licking) to the back of her ears. This will make her almost go crazy with excitement.
  • Step 4: Did we mention patterns?
    Oh yah, did we mention that most ladies like patterns. Variations are good but girls are pretty vulnerable to patterns. I mean short patterns. Try to formulate random permutations of patterns. Make her anticipate what's coming for her.

    A good example will be licking 2 times behind the ear, then kissing her earlobe once, then licking 2 times again and kissing the earlobe again.. Short patterns with short repetitions between nearby regions of sensitive spots will heighten her level of erotism. Make her melt.

    Another example, you can use is to play around with the pressure exerted at different spots. Vary the pressure and see her twerk around uncontrollably.
  • Step 5: Anticipation.
    Most girls anticipate actions before they happen. The anticipation is very precise. How precise? Eg: When you move your head down to her neck, she expect you to kiss it within the next 2 seconds. So being the dominant being, your job is to overthrow that anticipation and do something unexpected.

    Its pretty hard to guess if she's anticipating you to kiss or lick. But you can always delay the time you move in on the spot. Breathing will be pretty effective in this case. Before you move in on the kiss or lick, try to blow some air to make that anticipation even more exciting.
  • Step 6: Its just the beginning.
    Slowly move down on her to remove her clothes. Don't strip her as though its just another something to be done. By now, she's probably so aroused that even the slightest touch of her pillow can trigger a powerful sensation of mind blowing erotism. So be easy on the merchandise. Taking off her clothes can be an erotic thing for her. Slowly kiss her tummy while you slowly and gently remove her clothing. Be respectful and she will reciprocate that.
  • Step 7: Communication is the key to understanding.
    Remember the thing about emotional connection rather than just physical? You can verbally raise her arousal by whispering into her ears. I always feel that questions of respect raises more erotism in her than words of praises.

    Do NOT say things like "You are beautiful, you are so sexy, i love you etc etc. These are words meant for the end after all that erotism and pleasure. These words are just so common that most women wouldn't find it special or unique. Go for questions that instill a sense of respect for her and require some response. Ask her questions like "how are feeling?" "Is it painful?", "Is it uncomfortable?", "Can i start with the fingering?", "let me know if you are in pain" etc.

    Question like this normally demands processing. Hence, though, they probably are just too high in their own world for the response, the question goes through their mind to spark off that additional sense of erotic intimacy.
  • Step 8: Foreplay is important.
    The nipples and vagina are probably some of the most sensitive spots you will ever encounter so spend extra effort on them. Anticipation and patterns as mentioned above will significantly help with dealing in these areas.

    Before inserting your penis into her. You will want to have her open up and feel comfortable with your penis in her. Fingering is the best foreplay. Stroke the outer lips of the vagina with 1 finger. Just 1. Don't ravage her lower part with your hands. Keep it simple with just 1 finger. Its probably already wet after all that arousal.. and probably going to get wetter. But just stroke the outer lips and play around with the wetness before you reach in further.
  • Step 9: Fingering.
    Once you have your fingers on the inside, go for the clitoris. This is the fastest way to make her peak her orgasm. The thing about fingering is this. Fingering is a whole new level. Its kind of gaining a new level while playing a game. You have done so much to gain the experience to that new level. But now, having up your level, you just have to start all over again. With your fingers on the inside, go through the same arousal exercises while you play with her on the inside. Finale with her breasts using your mouths while having the hands occasionally coming out to help.

    Ladies like to test her man's ability. Having your hands "trapped in her vagina" is kind of like having one of your hands cuffed to the bedside. They just want to see if you are able to do the same thing with that one hand and other parts of your body.
  • Step 10: The finale.
    Do whatever you want. Penetrate her or finger her to orgasm. She's probably so high she will be literally begging you to end this. You will probably not need to spend as much effort to make her peak since she's already there on the gates to paradise.

This guide is a fully blown guide to better sex. If its already very late and probably time for some good day rest for work tomorrow, please do not do this. This guide requires an average of 2-3 hours of spare time for the build up. The whole session might last up to 4 hours. This guide is useful when you are on a free and easy holiday trip with lots of spare time on hand. Get a nice hotel, go to bed early and enjoy sex like never before.